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In Italy, there is an international yarn exhibition called the Filo that is not to be confused with the Pitti, which is held twice a year. 

There is a lot to be learned at this exhibition because it is not only about yarn used to make sweaters, but also about yarn used to create, and work with, fabrics.

Exhibitors come from all over the world and almost all products on display are eco-friendly products.

There, I met an exhibitor from Turkey whose company spins strong synthetic fibers. One, in particular, is a polyester that looks and feels like wool. Wool’s popularity has continued to rise in recent years despite it being said to be one of the more difficult materials to work with, and it is amazing that this manufacturer can produce yarn with a wool-like texture from polyester! It is a product that is suitable for Japanese FW (Fall/Winter) fabrics. It dries quickly, does not wrinkle, and becomes warm by brushing.



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