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A roundabout is a kind of traffic intersection that originated in Europe. In recent years, they have also become popular in Asia.
By thinking of this very rational type of traffic intersection, I came up with the idea for our project. The concept of flowing in from anywhere and exiting from anywhere fits perfectly.
It is basically an eco-circle.
From thread to fabric, from fabric to product...
Or collecting materials to make yarn, or collecting used yarns to make materials...
You can go around and out, or you can stay inside the circle.
This is a project that helps to promote a recycling-oriented society.

Creating a consistent, cyclic process from fabric collection to retail sales.

Project story

We are producing Japanese cotton and conducting tests to return it to the earth.


Can activities that produce domestic cotton actually be conducted here in Japan? Currently, we are collaborating with a certain apparel company to produce and commercialize it.


These activities will allow people to see for themselves exactly how organic cotton is produced, how clothing is made from it, and how it returns to the earth.

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