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Recycling clothing, scraps and lint

Collecting unused and discarded products

Obsolete, unsaleable, and discarded products, such as trainers or T-shirts, are collected from outlets and processed to create cotton fibers.

Of course, this would be impossible without cooperation from consumers.

We are in the process of increasing consumer awareness of textile recycling and, from the perspective of waste and valuing resources, it should increase. It would be a waste if it does not achieve the same level of awareness as PET bottle recycling.

The problem would be differentiating textile waste by color, and displaying the mixing ratio with virgin cotton to make socks, work gloves, hats, etc.

When we discard textile products, we should consider whether its prints are harmless, or its colors are light, or if they are made from cotton threads, etc. This will make them easier to recycle.

These days, recycling PET bottles has become mainstream, but the apparel industry should have the goal of making textile recycling become mainstream as well.

This is the baton we will pass to the next generation.

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