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​Original YARN 


The “100% Cotton” label attached to a garment is a good description of what the garment is made of. It is similar to saying that dough is made from 100% rice.

Cotton, like rice, differs depending on where it is grown.

Throughout the world, cotton is produced, priced, and traded accordingly. And again, like rice, because its growth and development depends on nature and the environment, its quality can either rise or fall.

Sometimes, Indian cotton is spun in Turkey and American cotton is grown in Israel, and the more we know about these things, we can come up with new variations, and the whole production process becomes more interesting.

Cotton passes through the hands of many people and finally becomes a single strand of yarn. And yet it is still far from becoming a garment. 

Those who live overseas directly feel this kind of commitment.

There is no truly original yarn anywhere as you will see below.











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