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Asahi Boseki


Domestic Spinning 1Senshu District

When talking about Wakayama textiles, one must not fail to mention the Senshu District of Southern Osaka Prefecture, which borders Wakayama Prefecture. Senshu and Wakayama have a long history of working together as production centers for circular knitting. Many spinning mills line the road connecting these two areas. We would like to see those in the textile field here continue to promote the industry and the distribution of information concerning it.

Asahi Boseki (Asahibo) is well known for its characteristic open-end yarns that we use to create T-shirt fabrics with a unique texture and casual feel.

FC Planning’s association with Asahibo spans nearly 30 years, and we eventually came up with a plan to combine hammou (reblended cotton) and other organic raw materials to make yarn.



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