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INDIGO  - Indigo-like 

Since I entered this business, many people have told me that the kind of fabric they want is an indigo-like fabric.

Why people keep saying this is because, although indigo is known for jeans, there are a lot of obstacles to scale in order to work with it such as the fabric’s robustness, its resistance to light discoloration, machine tooling, selection of dyeing plants… You get the picture. 


Actually, I made indigo fabrics at Chinese factories a number of times, but because of inconsistencies at these factories and in spite of quality control checks and shipping inspections, I still ended up with wrong colors and other defects. In fact, these experiences brought me to tears on several occasions.

Before starting out on my own years ago, I didn’t have an idea of what to do, but when I began planning my own company, my past experiences gave birth to a single thread of an idea: That there is another side to a fabric with two layer construction. It’s hard to say anything more this, but changing the cross-section of the threads, changes the mood of the fabric’s color. On top of that, we put in a little organic cotton to create the next generation indigo-like fabric. It is a fabric with a pleasant texture that doesn’t fade easily or stain circular knitting machines or dyeing and sewing facilities.

Of course, if you begin with the selection of cotton, you can create a fabric with the texture you desire.

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