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About organic


I am constantly thinking about the possible uses of organic cotton and recycled materials as well as their role in the upcycling process. At least, this is what I am thinking about when I remember the various things I’ve seen after 20 years of visiting raw cotton production sites. I’m not sure what we should do, but I hope we think of something that would become part of our lifestyle and not just something fashionable. Even though our thoughts and, more importantly, our actions may seem extremely small, they add up, and are seen and felt throughout the world. It is my hope that all of these thoughts and actions can actually help to preserve our planet forever.


I love the cotton plants that strive to grow in arid climates and the people who cultivate them. I love the texture of washed cotton so much that it’s hard to throw away my favorite T-shirts no matter how worn or faded they may be. My voice may not be loud. My thoughts may seem insignificant. My actions may seem inconsequential. But, even then, I am proud to be a NATURE GEEK.

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