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​Regiis  — Suvin Cotton


Ask experts what is the best type of cotton and Suvin Cotton comes out on top every time.

This rare variety was created in India in 1974 by crossbreeding a type of Egyptian cotton called “SUjata” and a type of sea-island cotton called “St. VINcent.”


It has extra long staple fibers (ELS) ranging from 36mm to 40mm and its micronaire count is a very fine 2.9 to 3.3.

Only about 300 tons of Suvin Cotton is still harvested by hand in southern India each year.

Its fineness, luster, and strength are reasons why Suvin Cotton is known as the “King of All Cotton Varieties.”

Suvin Cotton is also used to create Rejiis Silk, a blended fabric that has a unique luster and flexibility that give it a soft, almost feathery, feel. Wear this fabric only once and you will treasure it and never want to let it go.

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