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HAIFA  — Israel Pima Cotton

There are two types of cotton produced in Israel: Acalpi (long staple) and Israel Pima (extra long staple).

Acalpi is a type of hybrid cotton that has been bred from Pima and other breeds of cotton.

Israel Pima is cotton that originated from American Supima seeds. These seeds were transported across distant oceans and nurtured into Israel Pima cotton bolls that billow white in the winds that blow off the Mediterranean Sea.


The standard length of cotton fibers are 25mm to 28mm. Israeli Pima is known as an extra long staple cotton with fibers up to 38mm long. It is a very soft cotton that can be used in high-end shirts.

In Israel, cotton is planted from March to April and harvested from October to November. Then, it is shipped from the port of Haifa through the Suez Canal to spinning mills in India.

There, through premium manufacturing processes, the shorter fibers are removed as much as possible and the cotton is turned into very beautiful yarn.

They are used to create clothes that people would want to wear every day or at least several times a week. How many types of cotton could you say give you this kind of joy?

We continue to seek this joy at the source. 



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